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A Father's Influence

One evening I was babysitting the local bank manager's 6 year old son, Jimmy, and my eldest daughter, Elizabeth, aged 5 years.  They were the best of friends and attended Sunday School together but this one evening they got into a little argument.  I had just added a log to the fireplace and stoked it.  As I returned to my lounging chair I heard my daughter say, "My Father was very brave to get that close to the fire."  Jimmy snapped back, "My father is braver than your father!"  For a few minutes they argued the point and then Jimmy said, "Well, I know someone braver than your father!"  Elizabeth replied, "who?"  Jimmy quickly answered, "Jesus Christ, that's who."  There was a long silence and then my daughter said, "No, but He is second!"  At that moment I realized the tremendous influence that a father has over his Children.

Rev. Norman H. Murphy

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