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By faith things are accomplished

By faith things are accomplished

About two years ago when I was in the fifth grade a Faith - based story happened to me after I became a Christian. During that time I was looking for a way to spend more time praying and would forget to include my migraines in prayer or write then down. Eventually I wrote them down and began praying. I remember asking the Lord to take away my migranies and I was not sure about what to say because I had not been praying for long . It was during this time that I learned about how faith, works, and prayer should be taken more seriously . About three months later when I had not had any migranes I began to pray more seriously and took to belief the scripture "ask and it shall be given to you" why this was so amazing was that I would get a mirgane every two to three weeks and I no longer got them . It was then that I realized that I was totally healed. After a while I began to thank the Lord for what he had done for me, which was to heal me. Today I still don't get any migranes and I continue to thank him for what he has done. I hope someday that you can achieve the prayer of faith like I have.  

For it is by faith things are accomplished every thing is possible to him who believes. One example of how faith is used in my sermon is through prayer. I know if I give up I willl never make it. It is during this time that you will want to give up or have thoughts about giving up. You will be faced with a lot of doubts and questions whether you should really fall through on this or give up. Don't listen to your thoughts for they will lead you astray, but hold unto faith and you won't be shaken for you will be strong. Also don't be one who has doubts or is given into temptation for he will never make it.  

Faith brings both healing and spiritual growth to the believer as the believer holds unto there faith and God helps them. They see that there healing is true. Spiritual growth happenes as they seek God and rely on God. It becomes easier to thank God for meeting even are simple needs seeing that this is part of Gods love. 

Faith involves both prayers and hope. Through prayer we talk to God. We expect God to help us. The believer learns to trust in God for daily needs. Our hope grows as God meets are needs. Over time prayer and Bible reading become more and more and faith grows.  

I hope someday that you can achieve the prayer of faith like I have. You have now heard my illustration and my introduction to faith. I now end this sermon with are you serious enough to change this world to a world of faith, works, hope, and prayer or will you someday leave this world with nothing done.

                                                                                                  - David Luscomb