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Exodus 20:1ff

Will Slogans Save Us'

Said ABC Nightline’s Ted Koppel one night:

“We have actually convinced ourselves that slogans will save us. ‘Shoot up if you must, but use a clean needle.’ or, ‘Enjoy sex whenever and with whomever you wish, but protect yourself.’

“No! The answer is no! Not because it isn’t cool or smart or because you might wind up in jail or dying in the AIDS ward, but because it’s wrong!

“What Moses brought down from Mount Sinai were not the Ten Suggestions, but the Ten Commandments!”

Bits & Pieces, April 30, 1992

Ten Commandments

Ted Turner, founder of the Cable News Network, told a convention of newspaper executives that the Ten Commandments are out of date. Instead, Turner suggested a set of “Ten Voluntary Initiatives” to guide “sensitive persons through the new age.”

Washington Post, 10-31-89


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