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Ephesians 5:1

Heir to a Fortune

In the early church, when a man gave his life to Jesus Christ as Savior, he often had to leave his job because it conflicted with his profession of faith. William Barclay points out that some years ago, the same thing happened to F. W. Charrington, the heir to a fortune made by brewing.

Barclay writes, “Charrington was passing a tavern one night. There was a woman waiting at the door. A man, obviously her husband, came out, and she was trying to keep him from going back in. With one blow of his fist, the man felled her.

“Charrington started forward and then he looked up; the name above the tavern was his own. Charrington said, ‘With that one blow that man did not only knock his wife out, he also knocked me clean out of that business forever.’”

Charrington gave up the fortune he might have had, rather than touch money earned in such a way.

Morning Glory, July 26, 1993

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