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Ego Trip

Renaissance Entertainment Inc. of Orlando is marketing “Ego Trip: A Ride About You.”

The ride, which Renaissance hopes to sell to a theme park or to operate at fairs, will use riders’ names, photos and voices to create a totally personalized experience.

As paparazzi snap away and adoring fans call their names, riders will attend their own movie premieres. They’ll visit an art museum where they’ll view paintings of themselves as done by Picasso, Warhol and van Gogh.

They’ll attend a political rally where they’ll be urged to run for president and a sporting event where they’ll be praised for their athletic prowess. Finally, they’ll enjoy a ticker-tape parade in their honor.

Afterward, ego-stroked riders will proceed to the gift shop—where they can buy all sorts of stuff emblazoned with their images.

“What’s everyone’s favorite subject? Themselves,” Renaissance President Jon Binkowski said, “This is taking that to the nth degree.”

Spokesman Review, November 30, 1997, p. A19

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