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Dying Man

An old miser called his doctor, lawyer and minister to his deathbed. “They say you can’t take it with you,” the dying man said. “But I’m going to try. I’ve got three envelopes with $30,000 cash in each one. I want each of you to take an envelope, and just when they lower my casket, you throw in the envelopes.”

At the funeral each man tossed in his envelope. On the way home, the minister confessed, “I needed the money for the church, so I took out $10,000 and threw only $20,000 into the grave.”

The doctor said, “I, too, must confess. I’m building a clinic. I took $20,000 and threw in only $10,000.”

The lawyer said, “Gentlemen, I’m ashamed of you. I threw in a check for the full amount.”

Source unknown

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