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The Divine Gemologist

Billy Graham writes, "People ask the question, "What is sin"? Sin is coming short of God's righteousness. God is righteous and holy. He cannot look upon sin. A diamond may be perfect to the natural eye. But if you take it to a specialist and he looks at it through a glass, he sees a defect in it. And God looks at us that way. "Cliff Barrows and I were in Atlantic City many years ago with our wives. We had had a service, and we were walking down the boardwalk. A man was auctioning diamonds and other jewelry. We decided to go in. When we got married, I had given my wife a diamond that was so small, you couldn't see it with a microscope. So I decided to get her a better diamond. I had $65 in my pocket. I eventually bid it all and bought the diamond. It was a perfect diamond, I thought. The next day, I went to a jeweler, and I said, "Can you look at this diamond and tell me how much it is worth"? "He looked at it through his glass, and said, "Oh, maybe $35 or $40.? " "What"? I said. 'this is supposed to be two carats!" " 'look at it,? he said and gave the glass to me. I looked at it, and even I could see it was full of defects. And that's the way God looks at us. We go to church and pray. We are good, moral people. But He looks at us through His own righteousness, and He sees in all of us the defects-our sin.? Citation: Billy Graham, 'the Meaning of the Cross,? Decision 46, #1 (January 2005): 4. Submitted by: Rev. Steve D. Eutsler Minister, Teacher, and Writer Springfield, Missouri
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