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Death is Universsal

When you have had a loved one go to be with the Lord, do not feel like you’re the only person who has had this experience.

There is an Eastern legend about a Hindu woman whose only child had died. She went to a prophet to ask for her child back. The prophet told her to go and obtain a handful of rice from a house into which death had not come. If she could obtain the rice in this way, he promised to give her the child back. From door to door she asked the question, “Are you all here around the table—father, mother, children—none missing?” But always the answer came back that there were empty chairs in each house. As she continued on, her grief and sorrow softened as she found that death had visited all families. yes, death is universal; our painful experience is not the only one of its kind. Because God is faithful, because Jesus Christ is alive, so is your loved one and mine.

Through Sorrow Into Joy, Hugh Salisbury, p. 58

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