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Death of the Apostles

  • Matthew suffered martyrdom by being slain with a sword at a distant city of Ethiopia.
  • Mark expired at Alexandria, after being cruelly dragged through the streets of that city.
  • Luke was hanged upon an olive tree in the classic land of Greece.
  • John was put in a caldron of boiling oil, but escaped death in a miraculous manner, and was afterward banished to Patmos.
  • Peter was crucified at Rome with his head downward.
  • James, the Greater, was beheaded at Jerusalem.
  • James, the Less, was thrown from a lofty pinnacle of the temple, and then beaten to death with a fuller’s club.
  • Bartholomew was flayed alive.
  • Andrew was bound to a cross, whence he preached to his persecutors until he died.
  • Thomas was run through the body with a lance at Coromandel in the East Indies.
  • Jude was shot to death with arrows.
  • Matthais was first stoned and then beheaded.
  • Barnabas of the Gentiles was stoned to death at Salonica.
  • Paul, after various tortures and persecutions, was at length beheaded at Rome by the Emperor Nero.

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