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Confronting to Restore Relationship

The need for honest confronting of issues with genuine caring for people is demonstrated by David Augsburger in his courageous and insightful book, Caring Enough to Confront. He lists how to confront and care at the same time.



I feel deeply about the issue at stakeI care about our relationship.
I want to clearly express my viewI want to hear your view.
I want respect for my viewI want to respect your insights.
I want you to trust me with your honest feelingsI trust you to be able to handle my honest feelings.
I want you to keep working with me until we’ve reached a new understanding.I promise to stay with the discussion until we’ve reached an understanding.
I want your unpressured, clear, honest view our differences. I will not trick, pressure, manipulate, or distort the differences between us.
I want your caring-confronting responseI give you my loving, honest respect.

Men’s Ministry Leadership Seminar, Resource 4A, p. 58

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