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A Comparison of Attitudes, Opinions, and Values

 Christians Non-Christians
Sometimes it feels like life is not worth living.16%20%
You, personally, have a responsibility to share what you have with others who are poor or struggling.91%86%
Overall, you are very satisfied with your life these days.59%52%
Freedom means being able to do anything you want.35%42%
You have developed a clear philosophy about life that consistently influences the decisions you make and the way you live.84%81%
Nothing can be known for certain except the things you experience in your own life.61%64%
One person can really make a difference in the world these days.74%71%
America is a Christian nation.65%66%
God helps those who help themselves.80%83%
It’s almost impossible to be a moral person today.27%33%
When it comes to morals, or what is right and wrong, there are no absolute standards that apply to everybody in all situations70%81%
People are basically good.79%89%

From the Barna Report, November/December 1997 (Word Ministry Resources), quoted in The Promise Keeper, January, 1999, p. 6

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