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Company Rules

While living in Florida, I had several friends who worked cleaning rooms at a nationally-known inn located directly on the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. They spent their work breaks running barefoot in the sand. The problem was the inn required all employees to wear shoes at all times while working. I noticed the employees responded in one of two ways. The majority thought the rule restricted their freedom. The rooms had shag carpeting, delightful to bare toes, and just a few steps away lay the beach. To them, the rule to wear shoes was nothing more than employer harassment.

But a minority of the employees looked at the rule differently. Sometimes late night parties would produce small pieces of broken glass. Occasionally a stickpin would be found hidden in the deep shag piles. Some knew the pain of skinning bare toes on the steel bed frame while making a bed. The minority saw the rule as protection, not restriction.

Were Gold’s laws written to make life miserable? Or were they written by a loving heavenly Father who cares about His children?

- Timothy Munyon

Source unknown

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