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The Bride Wore White

Sara, as most girls did, had the dreamed of her wedding day. The setting, the flowers, the music, family and friends, and of courcse the dress. While at the fabric store, She browsed through the collection of gown patterns and selected the perfect one that had matched the dress seen only in her dreams. While looking through the materials she was disapointed at the selection and couldn't find the right fabric. The sales woman asked her if she needed any help, and she stated she was looking for "Noisy, white, rustling material". The sales woman didn't understand, brought took her to the clearance area where several yards of thick, stiff, white drapery material was stored. "Is this is what you are looking for?" Hesistantly asked the sales woman. Sara took the fabric and bent it this way and that and moved it around. Each time it rustled and made all kinds of noise. "It's perfect for the dress" "Dress?" asked the sales woman, surprised at the selection of drapery material for a dress. "Yes," Sara responded with enthusiasm, "You see, my Fiance' is blind and this way he will know when I arrive at the altar without him being embarassed." True love is selfless Author Unknown
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