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Atheist Learned the Scriptures

While studying in the Holy Lands, a seminary professor of mine met a man who claimed to have memorized the Old Testament-in Hebrew! Needless to say, the astonished professor asked for a demonstration. A few days late they sat together in the man's home. "Where shall we begin"? asked the man. "Psalm 1,? replied my professor, who was an avid student of the psalms. Beginning with Psalm 1:1, the man began to recite from memory, while my professor followed along in his Hebrew Bible. For two hours the man continued word for word without a mistake as the professor sat in stunned silence. When the demonstration was over, my professor discovered something even more astonishing about the man-he was an atheist! Here was someone who knew the Scriptures better than most Christians ever will, and yet he didn't even believe in God.

Taking The Guesswork Out of Applying The Bible, Jack Kuhatschek, IVP, 1991, p. 16

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