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1 Samuel 17

Godly Leadership

1.Looks for Opportunities to make a Difference. vv. 20-24
2.Has ability to see the Real Issue.v. 26
3. Is an Encourager of Men.v. 32a
4.Is Willing to be Personally involved.v. 32b
5.Values Past accomplishments for Present challenges.vv. 33-36
6.Has an unquestionable Dependence on God for victory.v. 37
7.Avoids Power Doubters.vv. 28, 33
8.Never Leads in someone Else’s Armour.vv. 38-40
9.Always Sizes up the Opposition and makes sure he has adequate resources to Overcome.v. 45
10.Remembers whose Battle it Really is.v. 47
11.Never Backs off from a formidable Challenge.v. 48
12.Makes Double sure the Enemy is Defeated.v. 51
13.Is usually Sought out by Others.vv. 55-58

Biblical Sermons, H.W. Robinson, Baker, 1989, p.51 (sermon by James Rose)

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