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1 Peter 1:3

A Living Hope

We have a living hope:

I. Which Embraces. . .

A. the assurance of an incorruptible inheritance (v. 4).

B. a redemption purchased with a price of imperishable value (v. 18).

C. a life begotten of incorruptible seed (v. 23).

II. Which is Contrasted with . . .

A. heaviness of sprit, which is for a season (v. 6).

B. silver and gold, which perisheth (v. 18).

C. the glory of man, which falleth away (v. 24).

III. Which Demands of Those Begotten Again . . .

A. that they should greatly rejoice (v. 6).

B. that they should be sober (v. 13).

C. that they should love one another fervently (v. 22).

Threshed Wheat, Sword, p.31