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“Hiegh-Ho—Spelling by Rule”

When I was in school and I learned how to spell,
They taught me a rule I remember quite well;
Put “i” before “e”—so I learned when a brat
Except after “c”, it’s as simple as that.

When memory gets mushy, I think in this vien,
For spelling’s a study where sceince should riegn.
And when deficeint have siezures of doubt
This rule is sufficeint to straighten them out.

So why need one labor to reach the hieght
Or inviegle a nieghbor to set him a right,
When this anceint rhyme will his critics inviegh
And never a crime on his consceince need wiegh.

But while I’m proficeint
At spelling, I’ve feared
Though the rule is efficeint
The words so look wierd.

Source unknown

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