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How to be a Digital Pastor



FACEBOOK ADS for your church - a valuable way to engage with people in your community:

5 RESOURCES for Becoming a Digital Pastor - how to start, tips from Justin Wise:

INCREASE your Facebook fans:

CONNECTING Your Brand's Website Through Facebook - WebProNews says, "Facebook is, at the moment, the most important social network in the world."

HOW TO SELL products via Facebook fan pages:

FAN PAGE DESIGN - adding pictures, including big ones that make a fan page look incredible. Ministry Vault blog (well worth subscribing to) is up to part 3 of this fan-page series:

FAN PAGES - how to get news items visible to other Facebook users:

ONLINE BIBLE STUDIES just got easier on Facebook:

WALMART NEW STRATEGY - their CrowdSaver app means that a Walmart online sale price only becomes operative if enough people like it. This gives individuals wishing to buy something at a sale price a big incentive to 'like' the option and ask others to do. Very clever.

RESEARCH shows how and why people 'Like' commercial Fan Pages:

FACEBOOK EMAIL - how will it change things?

It's not just another normal email system:

MORE FACEBOOK resources from Digital Evangelism Issues blog:





TIPS TO improve Tweeting:
... and also:

NEW Twitter interface - understanding it:

MORE on Twitter:



CHRISTIAN VIDEO MAGAZINE - latest issue is available free online. Check out news of the 2011 online apologetics conference:

THE FUTURE OF ONLINE VIDEO - thoughts from guru Chris Brogan:





'HOW BLOGGERS Can Find Journalistic Credibility': One key quote from this article: "I always assume my reader has acute attention deficit disorder. Everyone on the Internet is a skimmer. They're looking at Twitter feeds, Facebook, RSS, and a million different sites plus the 25 odd tabs they have going that they haven't looked at in the past week.

"So I format my blogs with italics, bolds, pictures... to force the reader into what I think is most important for them. Because your reader is going to skim. They can skim in the way you want or they can skim the way they want. I choose to have the power over that."

BEGINNER BLOG Sharing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

RSS - 8 Creative ways to use RSS feeds:

FREE 24-PAGE E-BOOK ON BLOGGING - although it refers specifically to business blogging, there are plenty of useful tips here that apply to a church or ministry blog. A valuable point made by expert contributor Tamar Weinberg is that a blog gives a human face to an otherwise impersonal organizational website, and this certainly applies to church, mission or non-profit sites. When you sign up for the download link, you do have to give your email address, but you can always unsub from any followup emails that HubSpot send you if they do not meet your needs:

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