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From this page, you may download the NET BIBLE and print it for others as long as you give it away and do not charge for it. In this case, free means free. It cannot be bundled with anything sold, nor can you charge for shipping, handling, or anything. It is provided for personal study or for use in preparation of sermons, Sunday school classes, or other noncommercial study. This release is also available to organizations like the Gideons, who may distribute millions of copies of the NET BIBLE text without royalty. This release does not apply to media other than paper. For free distribution of more than 1000 paper copies (or distribution in any other form, e.g. electronic), you must obtain written permission and comply with our guidelines for content control and include currently valid BSP copyright and organizational acknowledgments.
For permission, inquire by e-mail to [email protected] or call 214-580-1999.

Download HTML Version of the NET Bible

This is for personal use, not for posting on other websites.

Files Updated 1/1/2004

Windows Users get this file. It installs itself, the fonts, etc. and is one searchable windows help file.
  • Installing the HTML Help Version
    • Download the file that reads "Download HTML Help program version" and click on the exe file.
    • Save it to your hard drive (desktop is fine).
    • Double click on the file when it is saved. It will extract the html help file program into c:\program files\netbible
    • Then go to that folder using My Computer.
    • You'll find a icon there. Right click on it and click "send to>Desktop (create shortcut)"
    • Return to your desktop. You'll find the netbible icon there and be able to use the help program version by clicking on the shortcut.

Macintosh and Linux users use the following version:



These are alternate files

Download the Word Documents of the NET Bible

Whole thing in a zip file: (7.6 MB)

Old Testament (with preface): (5.4 MB)

New Testament (with endmatter[appendices]): (2.2 MB)

Download the PDF brochure about the NET Bible

After you download, print this brochure as an easy way to tell everyone you know about the NET Bible

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