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The Story of God 60 Stories - Who is God?

Scripture: Genesis 1:1

From the very beginning of books and writing people have wondered who made the world and universe. In the very beginning Adam and Eve and their children knew all about how the world was made because they knew God and talked directly with Him. Then many years later God did not talk directly to people any more but God used certain men and women to tell people about Him. These people who spoke for God were called prophets and they told people about God and how He wanted them to live.

But some people no longer wanted to listen to what God said or follow God, so they made up their own ideas about God, how to live and about the world. People soon forgot about God and came up with all sorts of ideas as to how the world was made. Then, when people began to write, people wrote those ideas down. But just because they were written down it did not make those ideas true. Soon many people began to believe the things that were written about God and who He was and how the world was made even though those ideas were wrong.

Some people had an idea that the word was flat, like a pancake. They wrote down that idea and for many years people believed the world was flat. Other people thought the earth was the center of the universe and that the sun and moon and stars moved around the earth. They wrote those ideas down and some people believed that for many years but that also was not true. Today we know that the sun is in one place and the planets and stars move around the sun.

Some people did not believe that God created the world but believed the world and universe just happened, that one minute there was nothing and then all of a sudden everything appeared. Many people believed that too. But just because people believe something does not make it true.

The Bible tells us that it is God who made everything. The Bible tells us many things about God and that is how we know about Him, what He is like, where He lives and how He wants us to know more about Him. We know that God made the trees, the flowers, the sun and the moon and stars, the birds, the fish in the sea, and the animals. And we also know that it was God who made us as a very special part of all of creation.

We cannot see God today but God still talks to use through His Word, the Bible. And we can know God today because we can pray and talk to Him. We can know a lot about Him because we have the Bible and we can see what He has made all around us.

There is a verse in the Bible in the book of Romans, Chapter 1, verse 20 that says since the very beginning of the world the things of God are clearly seen through all that He has made, God’s power, who He is, and that fact that He is God. No one can make a tree, or a flower or a fish or an animal. Only God can do that and that is just one thing we know about God.

Most of all, we know that God not only made everything, but we know that God created us and He loves us. Just like the air, we can feel the air and we know it is there but we cannot see it. God is also everywhere even though we cannot see Him. The Bible tells us so much about God. It tells us if we love God and believe in Him that one day we will be with Him in heaven too.

Questions and discussion:

  • What tells us about God?
  • Who made everything?
  • Can we see God?
  • How do we know God is true?

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