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Luke 17Bob Utley6.5
54. Putting Faith In Perspective (Luke 17:5-19)Bob Deffinbaugh4
5. Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers (Luke 17:11-19)Jodi Hooper3
Luke 18Bob Utley2
2 Thessalonians 2Bob Utley2
Feeding Your EnemyDan Allender2
Introduction to LukeBob Utley1
2. Paul’s Perspective as a Servant (Phil. 1:1-2)Bob Deffinbaugh1
Coming Home to Jesus: A Study of Luke for Wise WomenKay Daigle1
Mark 13Bob Utley1
8. Husbands and Wives as Analogues of Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:21 and Colossians 3:18-19)George W. Knight III1
Matthew 24Bob Utley1
Introduction: The Parallel Gospels In Chronological OrderDavid Colburn1
5. Acts: Introduction, Outline, and ArgumentDaniel B. Wallace1
13. Similarities among John's Gospel and the Synoptic GospelsJames M. Arlandson1
Luke 5Bob Utley1
The Issue of Forgiveness in the Sermon on the MountGreg Herrick1
Εἰ μή Clauses in the NT: Interpretation and TranslationMultiple Authors1
10. The Latter Perean MinistryDave Dawson1
Paul and Civil Obedience in Romans 13:1-7Greg Herrick1
7. Do the Gospels Reveal a Posttribulational Rapture?John F. Walvoord1
Lesson 77: Relational Sins and How to Deal With Them (Luke 17:1-4)Steven J. Cole1
16. The Unjust Judge and the Persistent WidowHampton Keathley IV1
11. Apostolic TeachingsWilliam Luck1
1. The Atonement in Lucan Theology in Recent DiscussionGreg Herrick1
Chapter 2: Fasting In The New Testament: Remembrance And Anticipation In The Messianic AgeKent Berghuis1
Luke 9Bob Utley1
13. Toward Jerusalem: The New RealityDarrell L. Bock1
Premillennial Viewadmin1
3. Luke: Introduction, Outline, and ArgumentDaniel B. Wallace1
Lesson 8: Come Home; Jesus is Looking for You (Luke 17:1-19:27)Kay Daigle1
Matthew 10Bob Utley0.5
Mark 9Bob Utley0.5
Hebrews 11:1-6admin0.5
Colossians 1Bob Utley0.5
Acts 24Bob Utley0.5
Mark 11Bob Utley0.5