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Wiser Than SolomonRichard D. Patterson3
28. The Wisdom of God and the Wisdom of Man (Romans 11:25-36)Bob Deffinbaugh1.5
KROZ BIBLIJU NA GODINU DANA Plan za dnevno čitanje BiblijeTodd L. Price1
In the MorningRichard D. Patterson1
Romans 11Bob Utley0.13
A Song in the Heartadmin0.06
The Apostle Peter on Civil Obedience: An Exegesis of 1 Peter 2:13-17Greg Herrick0.06
Psalm 42:8admin0.06
Isaiah 48Bob Utley0.06
5. “The Mouth Of The Lord Has Spoken” (Isa 1:20, MT): God’s Mouth and Our Witness Richard D. Patterson0.06
5. La TrinidadCharles T. Buntin0.06
Psalm 37Bob Utley0.06
5. The TrinityCharles T. Buntin0.06
Ecclesiastes 12Bob Utley0.06