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List of Abbreviations (for the NET Bible Footnotes)admin1
List of Cited Works in the NET Bibleadmin1
4. Israel’s Downfall (Joshua 23 - Judges 3)Jodi Hooper0.41
IV. Literary Forms in the BibleKenneth Boa0.41
1. NahumRichard D. Patterson0.26
2. HabakkukRichard D. Patterson0.19
4. The Good Shepherd and the Flock of GodBob Deffinbaugh0.15
Isaiah 28Bob Utley0.11
19. Wisdom and Child-Rearing (Part VI)Bob Deffinbaugh0.07
1: Unfaithful Israel (Hosea 2:2-23)Richard D. Patterson0.07
9. Masalah Siapa yang Anda Selesaikan?Richard L. Strauss0.07
Zechariah 6Bob Utley0.07
4: Concluding Considerations RE Unfaithful Israel (Hosea 13:1-16)Richard D. Patterson0.07
Ezekiel 24Bob Utley0.07
4. “We Will See Face To Face”: God’s Face and Our WorshipRichard D. Patterson0.07
Jonah 1Bob Utley0.07
2. “The Earth Is My Footstool”: God’s Feet and Our WalkRichard D. Patterson0.07
19. Weisheit und Kindererziehung (Teil VI)Bob Deffinbaugh0.07
5. Zechariah - Part 3 Oracle Concerning YHWH’s Sovereignty (9:1-11:17)Eugene H. Merrill0.07
Ezekiel 34Bob Utley0.04
19. The Glory of God (Romans 8:30)Bob Deffinbaugh0.04
Isaiah 14Bob Utley0.04
3. Kindness and GoodnessHope Olson0.04
Micah 5Bob Utley0.04
Jeremiah 15Bob Utley0.04
Ezekiel 28Bob Utley0.04
Psalm 1Bob Utley0.04
Lesson 15: Spiritual Adultery and Resolving Conflicts (James 4:4-6)Steven J. Cole0.04
Waiting on the LordJ. Hampton Keathley, III0.04
8. Saved by GraceCharles T. Buntin0.04
Amos 8Bob Utley0.04
3. Zechariah Part 1 - The Night Visions (1:1—6:15)Eugene H. Merrill0.04
Deuteronomy 26Bob Utley0.04
Deuteronomy 5Bob Utley0.04
Jeremiah 18Bob Utley0.04
20. The Sanctity of Marriage (Exodus 20:14)Bob Deffinbaugh0.04
Psalm 23Bob Utley0.04
6. Zechariah - Part 4 Oracle Concerning Israel (12:1-14:21)Eugene H. Merrill0.04
Ezekiel 12Bob Utley0.04
Micah 3Bob Utley0.04
12. Blessed Are the Pure in Heart (Matthew 5:8)Imanuel Christian0.04
Amos 4Bob Utley0.04
Ezekiel 16Bob Utley0.04
An Argument of the Book of JonahDavid Malick0.04
Ezekiel 21Bob Utley0.04
Acts 15Bob Utley0.04
2. Understanding The Meaning of the Term “Disciple”Greg Herrick0.04
Jesus' Baptism: Its Historicity and ImplicationsRobert L. Webb0.04
Malachi 2:1-16Bob Utley0.04
Chapter 4: The Evidence For Jerusalem As The HarlotD. Ragan Ewing0.04
Deuteronomy 11Bob Utley0.04
Introduction to ObadiahBob Utley0.04
Jonah 4Bob Utley0.04
Genesis 42Bob Utley0.04
Isaiah 59Bob Utley0.04
Isaiah 17Bob Utley0.04
6. “The Pupil Of Your Eye”: God’s Eye And Our Perception Michael E. Travers0.04
Ezekiel 26Bob Utley0.04
Genesis 19Bob Utley0.04
Joel 2Bob Utley0.04
Micah 1Bob Utley0.04
1 Corinthians 8Bob Utley0.04
Chapter 1: Fasting In The Old Testament And Ancient Judaism: Mourning, Repentance, And Prayer In Hope For God’s PresenceKent Berghuis0.04
Ezekiel 27Bob Utley0.04
19. Walking in the Light (Ephesians 5:7-14)Bob Deffinbaugh0.04
Romans 1Bob Utley0.04