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Lectio Divina

 What is it? Lectio Divina is a slow, contemplative praying of the Scriptures that combines the study method you have learned with meditation and pray; enable you to take your study of the Bible to become a means of union with God. It can be done in a four-step process.

Step One: Reading Section - You will probably spend the bulk of your time on this section. The Reading has to do with FACTS.

~ Read a portion of the Bible and seek out God to reveal a section to you.
~ Take at least three words from your passage and study them.
~ Describe how this passage relates to God’s plan and how this fits into the Bible’s message as a whole.

Step Two: Meditation Section - this section will require that you do some imaginative work on your own. You probably won’t find many answers in a book or sermon. Meditation has to do with THINKING about the text.

~ Values: Come up with three goals, ideas, or sentiments in your text. 
~ World View: How is God portrayed in your passage? Explain the image of God, which is communicated by the passage. Is God a warrior, judge, father, etc.? 
~ Virtues: Come up with two virtues the text promotes or discourages, ie: selflessness, pride, humility, vanity, truthfulness, etc.

Step Three: Prayer Section - this section will require that you actually pray with the passage. What does God want to say to you or to us through your passage? The Prayer has to do with EMOTIONS.

~ Dialogue: Write a prayer addressed to God based in some way on your passage and what you’ve learned about God while doing this exercise. Begin to examine your feelings and enter into a dialogue between yourself and God. This is the spontaneous meeting of the heart of God with the heart of God's beloved creature through the Word of God.
~ Deliberation: Has this passage changed you in any way? Do you see yourself, others or God differently now? Consider what you want to do about all this. Is there anything that you can see coming out of this process?

Step Four: Action Section - this section looks at ways of doing something about the text. The Action has to do with CHOICES.

~ Decision: give form and substance to the choice you make. What you do about your encounter with the Living God will verify the authenticity of the encounter. Decision: Is there anything you can imagine doing differently now that you have encountered God in the Living Word of God?