Sept 12 Who is Jesus?

In this chapter as we shall see throughout the book of Luke, we see this Greek word used: thaumazō.  It means to be amazed! to wonder! to be astonished! We will see this word used extensively throughout the entire book: Luke 1:21;63; 2:18,33; 4:22; 8:25; 9:43; 11:14, 38; 20:26; 24:12,41. Are you amazed at this marvelous story we are about to see unfold? Secondly, as you read note the details that Luke offers, he truly is accomplishing for Theophilus “an exact truth” record about our Savior Jesus Christ.

AIM: (1)To see the attributes of God as He unfolds before us “His-tory”; (2) to see thatGod has chosen you to complete His plan and to bring about His accomplished purpose (3) God chooses from all walks of life to testify to His presence


DAY ONE: Luke 1:26-55                                              Gabriel brings God’s message to Mary

1.Consider all of the details between vs. 26-38 that Luke offers regarding Mary and then list them.


2.  (THOUGHT TO PONDER) When Zacharias saw Gabriel he was “troubled” tarassō  tar-as'-so  to stir or agitate (roil water). When Mary saw Gabriel she too was “troubled’ diatarassō  dee-at-ar-as'-so  to disturb wholly, that is, agitate (with alarm). Note the difference in the two Greek words as they give us some way to understand the two responses and thus the two ways Gabriel also responded to Zacharias and Mary.

3. Two times (vs. 28 and vs. 30) Gabriel told Mary a specific fact about her. When God looks at your life does He have the same view? What do you think God uses as a qualifier “meter” to register if you have found favor with Him?


4. Vs. 28 Gabriel tells Mary that God is “with her”. Is God with you? How do you know? What verse(s) comes to mind when you think of that terminology?


DAY TWO: Luke 1:38-55                                                           Mary shares her joy with Elizabeth

5. We all get excited when we hear of a new baby coming. But, usually the first person we tell is??? Whom did Mary tell first? Why do you think she chose to honor Elizabeth with this news?


6. Walk through Mary’s song of praise and find as many of God’s attributes as you can. First find the attribute; Secondly define it using a dictionary; Thirdly, answer these two questions: Because God is (____) how will this determine my thinking TODAY; and what action or behavior will I change as a result of knowing that fact.





Ex vs. 48: faithfulness: Adhering firmly and devotedly; as to a person, cause or idea; loyal; worthy of trust or belief; reliable

Because of God’s faithfulness; I will realize that ……

I will……….

V. 49  “mighty”



V. 49 “holy”




V. 50 “merciful”





DAY THREE: Luke 2:1-24                                                                                   Jesus is born in Bethlehem

7. God says in Jer. 29:11 that He has a plan. Note how God fulfilled His plan even by having the entire known world to be “tax evacuated” to their “own city”.  What is the meaning of the name Bethlehem? ___________________________ What NT verse comes to mind about one of the names that Jesus called Himself? See: John chapter 6.



8.  (THOUGHT TO PONDER)God’s plan: God chose Zacharias and Elizabeth to bring to fruition His promise of a forerunner; God chose Mary, the virgin to carry His One and Only Begotten Son;  God chose Joseph to be Mary’s protector on earth; God chose to have Cyrenius to bring about a census at this time, God chose the shepherds to announce His good news to all men, God chose Simeon to prophecy at the temple when Mary arrived for her purification and God chose Anna to speak of God’s redemption to all who would listen.    QUESTION: For what has God chosen you?




DAY FOUR: Luke 2:8-20                                             The shepherds are God’s first missionaries

9. Note: vs. 8-20. God chose the shepherds to hear the first news of His Son’s birth. What NT verse comes to mind that is a name Jesus called Himself? See John 10.


10. The shepherds were “amazed” at this news. Note their response. What did they do upon hearing the good news? List all of the details that Luke noted about this scene in “His-tory”.



13. We know that Bethlehem was crowded with visitors, thus it was not too hard for the shepherds to share the good news. What was the response of those they told?  Did they go and see for themselves? How is this like our world today?



DAY FIVE: Luke 2:25-52                                Simeon prophecies, Anna testifies; Jesus is busy .

14. Luke gives us many details about Simeon and Anna. Make a chart listing each descriptive about them. Use this as a sample example—take a separate sheet of paper to do yours.

Simeon was

Anna was

I am




A person of integrity before men;



APPLICATION QUESTION: We have seen those who testified about Christ to others.  Who is Jesus to you? Is He Savior? Christ? Lord? If He is, will you testify to others about Christ this week? Write out a personal application that you can measure.