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Title Name
The Importance of the Shepherd’s Presence (1 Peter 5:2) Alex Strauch
The Net Pastor's Journal, Eng Ed, Issue 10 Winter 2014 roger.pascoe
La Revue Internet Des Pasteurs, Fre Ed 10, Edition de l’hiver 2014 roger.pascoe
Jurnalul Electronic Al Păstorilor, Rom Ed 10, Ediția de Iarnă 2014 roger.pascoe
Thanks for the M̶e̶m̶o̶r̶i̶e̶s̶ Reminders Bill Hendricks
Do Atheists Believe in Just One Less God Than Christians? J. Warner Wallace
Lesson 47: Terrible Words from the Loving Savior (John 8:21-29) Steven J. Cole
Lesson 48: True Freedom (John 8:30-36) Steven J. Cole
Lesson 49: True and False Children of God (John 8:37-47) Steven J. Cole
How Can You Trust Christianity Is True When There Are So Many Unanswered Questions? J. Warner Wallace
13. God Conquers Misguided Faith (Judges 17:1-18:26, Micah) Jeffrey E. Miller
14. God Conquers Cultural Conformity (Judges 19:1-20:11) Jeffrey E. Miller
Lesson 50: Challenging Jesus (John 8:48-59) Steven J. Cole
Graceful Beginnings: New Believers Guide Melanie Newton
Using This Study Guide Melanie Newton
1. Beginning Your New Life in Christ Melanie Newton
2. The Focus of Your New Life – Christ Melanie Newton
3. Your New Power Source – God’s Spirit Melanie Newton
4. Prayer – Living in the Father’s Love Melanie Newton
5. Your New Life in Community Melanie Newton
6. A New Life of Obedience Melanie Newton
7. Sharing Your New Life with Others Melanie Newton
Acknowledgements & References Melanie Newton
Is God Real? Evidence for God from Objective Moral Truth J. Warner Wallace
15. God Conquers Drifting (Judges 20:12-21:25) Jeffrey E. Miller
希伯來書第11章對你適切嗎?(希伯來書11:1-6) Bob Deffinbaugh
O Homossexualismo na Visão Bíblico-Cristã Tony Tucci
Lesson 51: The Light of the World in Action (John 9:1-12) Steven J. Cole
Lesson 52: How Do You Know? (John 9:13-34) Steven J. Cole
Easter [2014]: Good News for Everyone (John 20 and 21) Steven J. Cole