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Women's Ministry - Submissions Agreement


Please submit the following information:



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Pastor’s Name and Contact Information:


Please furnish names and contact information of two people who know you well and are familiar with your ministry and/or service within your church. If your pastor fits these criteria, that may serve as one of these two references.



You may attach a resume if you wish.

Article Info:

Please select a Topic (or Topics): Go here for a list of topic categories. Identify the topic or topics from the list that apply to your submitted material.

Identify your “Target Audience” (or Audiences) on a scale from 1 to 5. This will be used in the future on knowing how to rate or position your submitted material for a proper level of user understanding and comprehension:

¨ #1 - Non-believer

¨ #2 - New Christian (milk)

¨ #3 - Mainstream growing Christian (meat)

¨ #4 - Mature believer (challenging the thought leaders)

¨ #5 - Scholar

Please indicate your completion of the following tasks:

I have carefully read and agree with the Doctrinal Statement found here. _____ (Initial) If you cannot initial that you agree with the Doctrinal Statement, please list exceptions to the statement.

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I have carefully read the Women’s Submission Guidelines document found here.  _____ (Initial)

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