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In this section you will find resources on issues unique to women or the family. The women who have contributed material to this page are dedicated to the study and communication of biblical truth in these areas. We hope their insight and wisdom will instruct, encourage and comfort you as you face similar issues in your own life or as you minister to other women struggling in the respective areas. This month we are featuring a new series addressing unplanned pregnancies.  Articles on this and other issues are listed in the columns on the right.

We also encourage you to visit the “Women’s Forum,” a safe place for Christian women to converse with one another about topics important to them.


by Julie Parton, Ph.D.
“Mom, I’m pregnant” can either be the most joyous words a grandmother-to-be can hear, or the most devastating. If her daughter is 19 and an unmarried college sophomore, her world comes crashing down. When that mother and daughter come to you seeking help, what do you
do or say? 


by Julie Parton, Ph.D.   
John 14:6 is very familiar to most of us, where Jesus replies to Thomas’ question with the profound statement “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” We may be guilty of skipping over the ramifications of the last part of that statement, where He proclaims that He IS “the life.” The very existence of human life itself is wrapped up in who Jesus is.     


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