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Wedding Planning Guide


    1. Have you reviewed the marriage laws for your state?

    2. What is the exact location of the wedding?

    3. What is the time of the ceremony?


    1. What time do you wish the rehearsal to begin? ("It will take about [45] minutes.")

    2. What is the time and location of the rehearsal dinner?

    3. Is the pastor's wife invited to the rehearsal dinner?

    4. Remind bride and groom to bring the license with them to rehearsal (if not before).


    1. What time are pictures to be taken? (before/after)

    2. How many guests are expected?

    3. Is a bulletin desired? Who will print it?

    4. What names are to be used in the ceremony? (full given/nicknames/middle names)

    5. Have they selected the sons and their placement in the ceremony? Do they meet with your approval?

    6. Has the organist, soloists, and other musicians been selected and contacted?

    7. Will this be a double ring ceremony?

    8. Do they object to "the kiss"?

    9. Do the bride and groom wish to use standard vows or to modify or write their own? (vows must be approved)

    10. Will the bride be given away? By whom?

    11. Is there a particular Scripture they wish read? Do they want a gospel section in the ceremony?

    12. Go over the processional.

    13. Will a unity candle be used?

    14. Will the bride or groom sing?

    15. Will flowers be handed to parents?

    16. Will the ceremony be taped or a video made? Who is in charge?

    17. Is a "kneeler" needed for prayer?

    18. Will another pastor be involved? What part will he have?

    19. Go over the ceremony step by step.

    20. Go over the recessional.

    21. Who will be in the receiving line? Where is it located? Will there be a host and hostess at the reception?

    22. Will the ushers usher each row out individually after the ceremony or only family members?

    23. Is the reception at the church? Do they understand church policies?

    24. Explain clean-up procedures and rearrangement of the church for Sunday services. Establish who is responsible (if not a custodian).

    25. Explain "no smoking" and "no alcoholic beverages" in the church.

    26. Discuss picture taking during the ceremony.

    27. Explain rental costs if any.

    28. Give bride and groom a copy of the marriage and ring vows.

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