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A. is one of the fastest growing websites in the global Christian community. Millions of pastors, small group leaders, individuals and missionaries trust for their personal study and to prepare for teaching and train others. Our users know we have added dramatic new resources and significantly improved this web-based ministry the past couple of years. By learning more about you and your needs we will be better equipped to serve you more effectively. We desire to make you aware of important ministry benefits and activities and give you opportunities to engage more directly with us since this is your ministry. Registration lets us know more about you, your preferences, and your needs. has a very strict privacy policy and we promise to never intentionally violate your trust. All communications from us will have clear and easy opt-out options so you can personally select the information you desire to see from us and unsubscribe from those that do not interest you or meet your particular needs. Click to learn more about how we protect your privacy and our relationship with you.

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