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TTP-Converse with Scholars

Converse with Scholars connects you with the best in Christian scholarship, giving you opportunities to talk to top scholars in theology, the Bible, and philosophy. You can join us online from your home through Paltalk. Mark your calendar, cancel your date, put the kids to bed, and grab a bag of pretzels; You don't want to miss this opportunity.

All broadcast are recorded for possible air on Theology Unplugged radio.


Special Guest Schedule

July 7
8-10 pm CST
Why People "Walk Away from the Faith"
Special Guest: Ruth Tucker

July 28
8-9:30 central
Evolution vs. Atheism or The Evolutionary Argument Against Atheism
Special Guest: Alvin Plantinga 

August 11
Arguments for God's Existence (with special emphasis on the Kalam)
Special Guest: William Lane Craig 

August 18
Worldview Analysis
Special Guest: James Sire
Times will either be 8 or 9pm - 9:30 or 10:30pm central
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