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The Theology Program (TTP) at seeks to provide quality affordable in-depth theological education for all people. We have developed a graded online theological studies program where the students can do all their learning and interaction through distance learning.

You will be placed in a virtual class to engage in theology with a community of other learners. The classes will be lead by seminary trained instructors who will review your assignments and facilitate the class. You will receive a certificate for successful completion of the course. While this certificate is not formally accredited, it will evidence completion of a TTP course which is quickly becoming a significant achievement because of its high standards in theological development.

You will watch all courses online and complete all assignments according to the syllabus. As part of your requirements as an online student, you will dialogue online with other students building theological community. There are two avenues in which the student can fulfill his or her community time requirements (10 hours total): 1) In the TTP forums and 2) in Paltalk Sessions (though some may have trouble with Paltalk, so it is not a requirement to fulfill the community time). In short, we don't want you to do theology alone . . . too dangerous!   

The course assignments are listed in the syllabus contained in The Theology Student Notebook for the individual course. These are downloadable for free in the course classrooms. Click here for further description of the assignments.

Scheduled online Paltalk sessions will occur each week for one hour each covering the lesson for that week. The forum is set up in such a way that the student will have a “classroom” on the forum devoted to news, topics, and issues pertaining to their course. The online instructor will be available in the Paltalk chat rooms at scheduled times and through email for any questions.

The tuition is $100 per course (unless otherwise noted). Students must also purchase the required textbooks. For the core courses, this is a one time purchase since all of the core courses use the same textbooks. If the online student desires honors standing, he or she must also purchase and read a book from the list in the syllabus (note: you have to make an “A” to qualify for honors).

The teachers are all seminary trained and have pastors hearts. They are approved TTP teachers because of their desire to fulfill the mission of TTP to reclaim the mind by bringing theology back to the Church. All people who seriously desire to learn theology are welcome to enroll.

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