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TTP - Certificate Student Assignment Descriptions

1. Viewing classes: Certificate Students are required to view all ten sessions of the course during the ten week semester. Once the class begins, it is preferred that you view one per week so as not to get to far ahead or too far behind of the rest of the class.  During the Winter or Summer semesters, students are to view two courses per week to stay on track. The courses can be viewed at your own convenience during the week, but if you are going to engage in the weekly Paltalk sessions to fulfill your theological community time (see below), then you will need to view the session before the scheduled Paltalk time.

You can view the courses online for free or by purchasing the DVDs at the online store. In order to start viewing the courses online go to the courses page and choose your course.

2. Reading: There will be various reading assignments during the ten-week period. These assignments are all listed in the syllabus in the student notebook. Each student will be expected to read the material according to the 10 week session schedule provided in the syllabus in the student notebook. Most of these assignments will come from the course textbooks that must be purchased by the student. These textbooks can be found at the online store.  During the Winter or Summer semesters, students are to do the reading for two sessions per week to stay on track. Certificate students will inform their online instructor at the end of their 10 week deadline through an email letting him him that they completed the reading. The notebooks can be purchased at the online store or downloaded for free on the courses page.

2. Scripture memorization: Certificate students will memorize the passages provided on the Scripture memorization sheet in the syllabus. Once completed, the student will recite the memorized Scripture to a partner who will affirm the completion by signing the Scripture memorization sheet. The Scriptures must be recited all at one time. Students will send the signed vocabulary sheet to their online instructor either by mail, fax, or email. If this proves too difficult, then you can have the person to whom you recited your Scripture memorization send your instructor an email stating that you completed the assignment. Emails are to be sent to [email protected].

The preferred translation for all memorization in English are listed below:
• New American Standard
• New English Translation (NET; available at
• English Standard Version
• New International Version

3. Case Studies: There will be two case studies for each course. These are contained in the syllabus in the Student Notebook and must be completed according to schedule. Certificate students are to post their case studies online on the TTP forums in the thread provided. Your online instructor will grade them online, marking them in red.

4. Vocabulary Quizzes: There will be two closed book theological vocabulary quizzes given during the course of the semester. These are posted online on the courses page. See schedule in the syllabus for due dates. Once the student looks at the quiz, he or she must take the quiz. In other words, you cannot look at the quiz, study the right terms, then take the test. Certificate students will type their answers to the quiz in an email and send them to their instructor at [email protected].

5. Community Time: All certificate students are required to spend one hour a week on the TTP forums or Paltalk sessions discussing issues relevant to the course. Each course will have a separate section on the forum. This will not count toward your grade percentage, but you cannot receive credit without it. Your online instructor will be responsible for checking your posts and your Paltalk time. If you do not have sufficient timing/posts on either the forum or the Paltalk, you cannot receive a certificate.

Honors: Honors credit can be earned in this course by completing all the coursework and an additional reading assigned by the teacher. See bibliography in the syllabus for options.

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