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Three ways you can help bible.org today

Interested in helping the bible.org ministry financially? Here are three ways you can help bible.org today.

Bible.org is a ministry with global impact. Thanks for taking a minute to learn more about how you can help bible.org financially. Here are three ways you can help this ministry financially:

  1. Tell a friend. Send an email. Call them up. Use the ?Send this page to a friend? button at the bottom of each page. However you choose to do it, share the news that the bible.org ministry offers more than 4,000 free resources for Christians to mature in their faith.
  2. Buy a product. Proceeds from store sales are used to support the ministry of bible.org. Buy a NET Bible. Buy The Theology Program. What ever is on your heart. You benefit spiritually, we benefit financially. Click here to visit the bible.org store now.
  3. Give a donation. $5, $50 or $500. What ever the Lord lays on your heart will substantially help the ministry of bible.org. Click here to give now.

These things help us financially, but the number one thing you can do to help is to pray for this ministry. Pray for the pastors and individuals we serve. Pray for our staff.  Pray for the many volunteers. Pray for wisdom for the leadership. And please let us know how you are praying for us. It's a real encouragement to us.

Our sincere thanks,

Chris Goodman