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Pastor's Policy Statement For Weddings

Because of the numerous and varied requests a pastor receives to perform weddings, it is necessary to have a written policy concerning for whom I will or will not officiate a wedding. I do not expect all who read this policy to agree with every stand I take, but at least to understand that with this statement I am attempting to avoid both the misunderstandings and the arbitrariness which could arise without such a statement.

Furthermore, it is hoped that all who read this statement will appreciate my attempt to base my personal convictions squarely upon God's Word, as well as my belief that each person also has the right and the responsibility to study and obey the Scriptures for himself or herself.

As a pastor, I am more interested in establishing Christian homes than I am in simply officiating at weddings. In light of this, I have adopted the following guidelines:

    1. Both trust in Christ as their personal Savior.

    2. Neither has been divorced with ex-spouse still alive.

    3. The couple must agree to regular counseling, six sessions, at least a week apart.

    4. The couple attend or agree to attend church regularly.

    5. Between the time I begin working with the couple and the time of the wedding, the couple must neither live together nor have intercourse.

    6. It also needs to be understood that no commitment to officiating a wedding will be made until I have met personally with the couple.

These guidelines are based upon personal conviction, but it is understood that situations arise in which some flexibility might be appropriate.

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