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M1 - Sharing

M1 Applications

M1 F I R S T
F Fellowship Faith Intimacy Reverence Strength Trust
I Integrity Follow Instruction Read Sound/Solid Tenacity
R Relationships Family Interpersonal Resemblance Similarity Tender








T Thumbprint Freedom Inheritance Results Substance Tradition

You can use these to help you dig deeper into your Sharing

Friends - Your friends are most likely to be the next set of people who see the changes in your life. Use this change as the stepping stone to talk about your relationship with Jesus.

Illuminate - People love a good thing. They will even flock to it if they think it is something they really want. Glow, let your light shine for Jesus.

Relate - Don't be a hypocrite, relate to where people are. If your speaking with someone who is struggling with something that you have already been through, then politely share with them how you were once there too. DON'T just bash them about their lifestyle, help them, share you own struggle. Let them see your victory and help them want that in their life too.

Social - Use your social skills to meet new people. Step out of your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to to use your social network to tell others about Jesus. This includes your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Testimony - God made us all unique. Use your own story to tell others about your relationship with Jesus and how you got there. Most of all be real. People will know.


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