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M1 - Relationships

M1 Applications

M1 F I R S T
F Fellowship Faith Intimacy Reverence Strength Trust
I Integrity Follow Instruction Read Sound/Solid Tenacity








S Sharing Friends Illuminate Relate Social Testimony
T Thumbprint Freedom Inheritance Results Substance Tradition


 You can use these to help you dig deeper into your Relationships

Family - "No prophet is acceptable in his hometown" Luke 4:24 The hardest people you will have to witness to will be your family. They know you very well, but at the same time you know them just as well too.

Interpersonal - You need to have good people skills if you wish to build relationships.Fire and Brimstone does not build trust and love, but compassion and forgiveness will take you a very long way.

Resemblance - People will follow you if you are consistent with who you are. Mimic Jesus and let others follow you. Parents, remember your children see a whole lot more than you think. Not only do they hear what you say they also watch how you react to everything.

Similarity - Paul said Be all things to all people. Find out what they like and share it with them. Use it as the basis in which you build your relationship.

Tender - As with building any relationship you must be tender and understanding of where a person is coming from and their struggles to get to when you are leading them.


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