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M1 - Integrity

M1 Applications 

M1 F I R S T
F Fellowship Faith Intimacy Reverence Strength Trust








R Relationships Family Interpersonal Resemblance Similarity Tender
S Sharing Friends Illuminate Relate Social Testimony
T Thumbprint Freedom Inheritance Results Substance Tradition


The items below can help you dig deeper into your Integrity

Follow - Everybody in life follows someone.  Who are you basing your life on? You can also get help by being part of a church, a small group and/or an accountability partner.

Instructions - God laid out his instructions for your life within the Bible. He also put people in your life to help you.

Read - In order to know what God has planned for your life you need to read His Word. Reading on a regular basis will build the core of your foundation.

Soild/Sound - When building your foundation you need to make sure it is rock solid and sound.

Tenacity - With anything in life that you want to have stick, you have to be firm and true to make sure you allow the time you need to build your character.



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