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LifeWay - August 5th - Trivial Pursuit

How can I be sure I'm investing my life and treasure in what's most important?

Background Passage: Judges 13:1-16:31
Lesson Passages: Judges 13:24-25, Judges 16:4-5, Judges 16:15-17, Judges 16:19-20, Judges 16:28-30

Empowered by the Lord - Judges 13:24-25
Enticed to Trifle with God's Gifts - Judges 16:4-5,15-17
Blinded by Spiritual Insensitivity - Judges 16:19-20
Victorious Through Faith - Judges 16:28-30

Goal: To help adults invest their lives in goals worthy of the gifts the Lord has given them.

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Java with the Judges - A Bible study in the book of Judges


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