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Hazards of Being a Man Roadmap For Individuals

  1. Discuss. Gather a small group of men to discuss the Hazards. The book is an all-in-one curriculum, with each chapter containing over 20 discussion questions designed to get below the surface of our lives. Already thousands of men in dozens of countries are meeting together regularly, trusting God to change them with the truths taught in the Hazards of Being a Man. Purchase the book here.
  2. Men's Ministry. Encourage your church men's ministry to use the book as their curriculum. In fact, dozens of new weekly men's ministry groups have been started by using the Hazards material. Other trustworthy resources for your men's ministry can be found online here at Men 7/52.
  3. Listen. Tens of thousands have listened to the 12 original audio messages that ultimately gave birth to the Hazards of Being a Man book. Pastor Miller challenges men to live authentic Christian lives during these 20-minute live sessions. Listen for free here.
  4. Forum. Our Hazards forum provides a platform for you to dialogue with others around the world. Our global participants and trained moderators will answer your questions, stimulate your thinking, and challenge you to grow in the Lord. Visit the online forum here.
  5. Give feedback. Let us know what you like and what you struggle with about these resources. Your candid feedback will help us improve on future projects to serve you better. Give us your feedback here.
  6. Other studies. Move on to other free studies for men by Pastor Miller:

i. A Discipleship Study for Men from the Lives of the Disciples (12-part audio series). Each of Jesus' disciples is placed under the microscope and dissected, and you'll be challenged by a detailed character study of each of their lives.

ii. Sex: A 12-Step Program for Men (12-part audio series). In one of the most candid online men's series, Jeff Miller gives straight talk for men on topics ranging from purity and pornography to fantasy and adultery. This one's not for the faint of heart.

iii. Jesus, The Master Storyteller (14-part audio series). We all love the parables. They are simultaneously rich in depth and content, and simple to understand. They are also Jesus' favorite means of communicating God's truth to people. He doesn't pull any punches with parables, but aims these powerful stories directly at us.

iv. Serious Christianity: No Spectators Allowed (4-part audio series). This study from Paul's letter to Titus is absolutely essential for any Christian who wants to be in leadership.

v. Knowing and Combating the Enemy (6-part audio series). Any military officer will say that it is wise and often imperative to study the history, character, strategies, and capabilities of one's enemy before engaging them in battle. Sadly, most Christians are ill-informed about Satan himself. This powerful series on Satan is designed to answer such questions as:

    1. How did Lucifer become Satan? What was Satan's sin?
    2. Has Satan been defeated?
    3. Do demons exist?
    4. What does the future hold for Satan?
    5. Where does the Bible teach these things?
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