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Hazards of Being a Man Roadmap for Churches

Road Map for Churches (or how to impact the men in your church with the Hazards)

  1. Starting Out. The Hazards first began as a series of twelve 20-minute messages at Trinity Bible Church. Before then, Trinity's only official men's ministry activity was an annual men's retreat. The church wanted to move toward a weekly men's ministry, and God used the Hazards to launch that ministry. Today, a combination of the book and the original audio messages can be used to impact the men in your church.
  2. Promote. Begin by scheduling weekly men's meetings for one semester - preferably at an early weekday hour when men can attend before going to work (Trinity's men now meet on Thursdays from 6:30am - 7:30am). Provide refreshments and coffee, and commit to end on time (7:30am or 8:00am at the latest). Promote it from the pulpit, announce it in the church bulletin, personally invite men to attend, and send the men to to whet their appetites. Recruiting men to help out (bring coffee or donuts, help set up chairs, etc.) guarantees they will attend.
  3. Listen. Since the Hazards messages are available for free online at, tens of thousands of people are listening to them, and dozens of weekly men's groups have started by listening to the recordings in a group setting. After fifteen minutes of coffee and fellowship, begin with prayer and then invite the men to listen together as Pastor Miller challenges them to live authentic Christian lives. Listen for free here.
  4. Discussion Questions. The book is an all-in-one curriculum, with each chapter containing over 20 discussion questions designed to get below the surface of our lives. Already thousands of men in dozens of countries are meeting together regularly, trusting God to change them with the truths taught in the Hazards of Being a Man. Divide your men's ministry into groups of 6-8 and spend the final 20 minutes of your weekly meeting discussing the message, their reading of the chapter, and the questions at the end of each chapter. Purchase the book here.
  5. Forum. Our Hazards forum provides a platform for you to dialogue with others around the world. Our global participants and trained moderators will answer your questions, stimulate your thinking, and challenge you to grow in the Lord. Visit the online forum here.
  6. Give feedback. Let us know what you liked and didn't like about the book and the website. What worked best in your men's group? Your candid feedback will help other men's groups and help us to improve in future projects to serve you better. Give us your feedback here.
  7. Grow deeper. After you've completed your semester-long study of the Hazards of Being a Man, find other free, trustworthy resources for your men's ministry here.
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