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How Are Lives Impacted? user feedback:

You guys did an amazing job building this website. I wanted to thank you for making it simple. I was trying to research Church Discipline and there was a well written, well supported article, and the coolest thing was the way the verses pop up on the screen for me to check. Coming from some one who doesn't know the depths of these spiritual issues, I loved the fact that I could read what you had to say, and then read about it with my own eyes from the Word. Keep up the good work. Titus

I want to thank all the people connected with I get your daily readings, and on the site itself, I've read many articles, and many of questions that have plagued me since I started to learn about Jesus, have been answered. I feel I am "growing in the Lord" with every time I read get questions answered... Dianna

I enjoyed this site. I too was a practicing homosexual once upon a time but have since turned from my wicked ways! I struggled with it [because] homosexuality had been a part of my life for so long. This site gave me the exact scriptures I needed to prove what the bible says about homosexuality so that I might educated friends that are still walking in darkness. Just now reading the page I feel that I have been delivered from the affliction that has plagued my life... Keep up the good work!

I use a web page hosted by you every day and alot to study the Bible. It's the Net Bible Learning Environment. When you put in your verse from the pull down menu, it brings up the verse in a bunch of translations, then it has the greek or hebrew with links that if you hover over it, it tells you the definition and the word and tense of verbs. First, I want to say that this tool has been PRICELESS in my Bible studies! Andy

I use the NET Bible in all the teaching I do at the church of which I am the teaching elder. I enjoy it, give it to my kids, and appreciate how it gives reasons for translation calls.Ernie

I've used for a very long time now...I love my netbible as a study tool and use the online version a lot, Thanks for all you do. Chaplain in the Armed Services


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