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History of Hazards

History of Hazards:

  1. It all began at Bear Rock Cafe (now out of business) where Jeff Miller sat with a small group of elders from his church to consider the topic for their first semester of weekly men's ministry at Trinity Bible Church of Richardson, Texas. They conceived the idea of studying several Old Testament men as models for how NOT to live. The original series title was "Occupational Hazards of Being a Man." Jeff presented the material to 50 men as a 12-part series each Thursday morning during the fall of 2004.
  2. After recording the original 20-minute audio messages, they were posted online at as a resource for men and men's ministries worldwide. Those original audio messages are still available for free.
  3. After posting the audio messages online for free, we began to receive an enormous volume of feedback. The series was well-received and generated a strong following online, especially with men's ministries and small groups. Hundreds of existing men's ministries began using the material, and dozens of new weekly ministries sprung up as a result of the series. We collected emails from across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Central America, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. The buzz indicated that we had struck a chord with men and were meeting some very real spiritual needs. Men began inquiring about a book.
  4. and Baker Publishing Group met to discuss a potential partnership. This partnership would leverage the visibility of with its 20 million annual visitors and the expertise of Baker's publishing excellence. Baker expressed an interest in publishing a book based upon the Hazards audio messages, which already had a global online following. It's disappointingly uncommon for ministries to partner together for the advancement of God's kingdom. Unfortunately, just as every American's dream is to own their own business, it's also becoming an American dream to be the founder of one's own ministry. Jeff Miller has never wanted his own ministry; he prefers to work under the umbrella of the church and in partnership with other ministries so that he's always an integral part of something greater than himself. With the partnership of his church,, and Baker Publishing Group, he has his wish. Hazards of Being a Man was birthed at Trinity Bible Church, popularized through, and published by Baker Books.

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