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Facility Checklist: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Classroom, 5-8 Years Old

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Room organized with appropriate furniture, tables, and chairs.

Rooms organized with appropriate storage cabinets.

Rooms organized with appropriate equipment, TV, DVD Player, CD Player, etc.

Rooms organized with decorations and wall posters.

Supplies for children (markers, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, colored pencils, etc.) in classrooms.

Security identification for children.

Snacks, small cups, crackers, napkins. (locked in storage cabinet)

Small storage containers for supplies.

Supplies for teacher (pencils, pens, scotch tape, stapler, hole punch, masking tape, glue) in classrooms.

Games and learning activities in classroom.

Wall mount telephone in classroom.

Dry erase board in classroom.

Book stand with additional Bibles.

Attendance sheets attached to a clip board.

CD players and Christian music CD’s for elementary children.

Disinfectant spray (safe to use to clean furniture) and paper towels in classrooms. (locked in a storage cabinet)

Bulletin Boards decorated with age appropriate materials.

Trash Containers with trash bags in classrooms.

Clocks in the classrooms.

Curriculum and student handbooks in classroom.

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