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Engagement Resources

digg delicious reddit email You can find a variety of popular resources to rate, capture and share trustworthy Bible study resources by looking to the right side of article, author and category pages (resources differ depending on the type of page - eg. category pages have less options by nature).
  1. Print this Page. Creates a printer friendly version of the page.
  2. Email to Friend. Send an email to a friend sharing what you've found (this has a double benefit by blessing a friend and blessing by helping tell others about the ministry of
  3. RSS Articles. Allows you to get the feed for all articles. Great to add to a feed reader or your blog or social network page. See here for more on RSS or feeds or feed readers. This is a great way to keep aware of new articles and Bible study resources.
  4. RSS Author. Allows you to get the feed (alerts you to new articles) from only this author. This is a great way to follow particular authors.
  5. Author's Page. Learn more about this author and information to contact the author.
  6. Hits. The number of view for this page.
  7. Social Bookmark. This feature and the Rate Article feature use an acordian style expanding list. By defaule the social bookmark options are expanded showing the options: delicious, digg, reddit and stumble upon. When you use these tools you can help others be aware of good articles and help promote (and really anything you do to help promote is helpful to us).
  8. Rate Article. Using a 5 star system (5 = great) you can share your thoughs about this article with others.
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