Where the world comes to study the Bible is a great place for Bible study - QUICK START is here for you!  It is our sincerest desire at to help equip pastors, teachers, small group leaders, missionaries, and anyone serious about knowing God's Word more intimately.  To that end we provide as many 'Trustworthy Bible Study Resources' as are useful in understanding God's truth, applying it in their lives and effectively teaching others.

Here are just a few of the many resources you will find at

  • The NET Bible translation - A truly historic project sponsored by
    • 60,237 translators' notes - The most comprehensive study notes available in any Bible
    • FREE online access - This is our gift to the world so everyone has access to God's Word
    • Beautiful full color satellite maps in the printed NET Bible - Holy Land From the Heavens
  • Thousands of Bible study resources searchable in a helpful database structure:
    • By Author - Do you have a favorite author?  Find him fast here
    • By Topic - Easy way to find a subject of interest
    • By Book/Bible Passage - Find a study by book of the Bible
    • By Teaching Series - There are many complete study series for you and your students
    • By Posting Date - Find the newest additions to the site fast and easy
  • Teaching Tools & Resources - Great for any pastor, teacher, and learner of God's Word
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