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Are You Leading A Hazardous Life?

10 T/F questions to assess if you are living a HAZARDOUS LIFE

Hazards of Being a Man is designed to diagnose your weaknesses and provide practical steps to overcome them. Hazards dedicates an entire chapter to helping you find victory for any statement that you honestly answered with a "False". Learn more here.




  1. I have a male role model who has modeled for me how to accept responsibility for my failures.
  2. I meet regularly with a man who challenges me in my faith by asking me hard questions about my relationship with God.
  3. I am able to wait patiently for other people without growing frustrated.
  4. I prioritize people over projects and don’t run people over or ask loved ones to wait for me while trying to complete a task.
  5. I am influencing people more in eternal ways than in earthly ways.
  6. I have my lust under control and I’m not addicted to pornography.
  7. When I talk to people, I consciously strive to say the right words in the right way at the right time.
  8. (If married) My wife does not complain that I work or travel too much.
  9. I manage my anger rather than lose my temper or misdirect it toward the wrong people.
  10. I live consistent whether in private or in public.



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