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2008 Year End Message

Dear Friends of Bible.org:

Every year when I get to this point of looking back over the past year and
start thinking about our plans for the new year I come away perplexed about
one major ministry issue. Let me provide a little background to help set the

Almost every ministry has a primary visible figurehead that everyone
associates with the ministry. For a church it is usually the senior pastor.
In a para-church organization it is very similar in that we normally
associate the ministry with the senior ministry leader who we regularly hear
on the radio, or watch on TV, and in many cases we may know them best
through their books and other materials they write.

But what about online ministries like Bible.org? You may or may not have any
idea who is the leader at Bible.org because we are all behind the scenes for
the most part, including me as the ministry director. As an online ministry
we are all worker bees behind computer keyboards and screens creating, or
obtaining from our ministry friends, all of the great content you have come
to appreciate from us...all 50,000+ free pages of Bible study resources
plus the NET Bible with 60, 932 translators' notes along with the most
amazing free Bible study tool on the internet today... the NeXt Bible Study

So, what's the big deal with that? Well, glad you asked.

Here is what is so hard for me to believe and just rocks my world every year
at this time...

  • We have over 6 million users coming to Bible.org every year from literally every
    single country on the planet
  • We serve up over 25 million page views on our primary site and millions more on
    our forums, blogs, and the online Bible study tool
  • We have spent millions of dollars and over 14 years to create Bible.org along with the
    NET Bible (10 years of work by 25 world class scholars)
  • We have amassed over 50,000 pages of some of the best and most trustworthy
    Bible study resources on the internet
  • We serve hundreds of thousands of pastors, missionaries, Sunday School teachers,
    ministry leaders, small group leaders, and Bible teachers of all varieties every single week
    as they prepare for their sermons or for their weekly Bible teaching
  • And, we do all of this for FREE...no kidding!

Now here is the most amazing part that blows my mind...

We only average about $3,300/month in giving from the general Bible.org user
population...hard to imagine actually.

...This equals about a nickel (seriously, a measly $0.05) in donations from
each Bible.org user per month! How could that possibly be?

It just means a very small handful of committed "insiders" pay hundreds of
thousands of dollars for the whole ministry each and every year so millions
of people all over the world are insured complete unobstructed access to the
Word of God and trustworthy Bible study resources. This is a huge load to
carry by so few!


Hopefully you see this as an opportunity and not whining on my part. Our
"insiders" who carry 95% of the financial load through our personal
donations and/or volunteerism could really use your help, especially now! I
hope each of you understand the biblical principle that "...a worker
deserves his wages". We gladly serve, but we have mouths to feed, doctor
bills, kids in college etc. just like the rest of you.

I am certain there are many of you who either had no idea about what I have
shared with you or you have just not yet prayerfully considered what God
would have you do to become an active supporter of this globally significant
ministry here at Bible.org. We are asking that you do that now.

Please make a donation today to the ministry of Bible.org. A one-time gift
before the end of December is urgently needed. But, even more important is
our need to raise up an army of monthly supporters who can give at least
$25/month, each and every month, so the ministry of Bible.org can continue.
(That's about the price for a typical family meal at McDonalds or a couple
of movie tickets). Surely many of you can make a simple adjustment and help
us change the world.

Without your immediate and continued support, Bible.org is truly facing some
very tough staffing and ministry issues should our efforts fail to raise the
needed funds to continue this ministry as it exists today...it is just that
simple...we NEED your help!

Please click here to make your donation...


In Him Always

Dave Foran
Executive Director

P.S. Here are some very recent testimonials if you need any other help in
making your decision...

Thousands of Free resources... impacting millions of lives for Christ.

"I just want to briefly say thank you for this website. I prayed that I would find something online that would offer me truth according to His word while also being relateable to my life. I feel I was directed here. I have been blessed by your works. Blessings be unto you. Thank you." -Brittany

"I am a Youth Pastor who is at a church that has been without a Senior Pastor for over a year. As you may think the responsibility for the church has come to me by default. I wanted to let you know I have used Bible.Org as a resource many times. Thank you God Bless." -Frank

"I discovered your site in looking for resources or commentaries on John's Gospel. I was not able to find what I was looking for until then. I am teaching an adult class and felt God leading to do a verse by verse study of John. I have another resource, but yours was best. I printed excerpts, but that was not convenient. I realized my favorite, Robert Deffinbaugh had a book, "THAT YOU MIGHT BELIEVE". I ordered it and LOVE IT! I am 56 years old, never had formal Biblical training and always used our church's literature to teach except for a few forays in smaller Bible books with a Youth class. I AM LEARNING SO MUCH!!! I can't wait to teach the class each week. I use your book, my Bible, and insight from God, and it is exciting. I just HAD to say thank you! We must give 'honor to whom honor is due.' Please pass on to Rev. Deffinbaugh how he has enriched my life as well as my students. Blessings in the Lord." -Christine

"Thank-you for your site. It is truly a wonderful resource. Please continue with the sound teachings of the Bible to do with all you advise. Christ's people are keen to walk with the path he shows in the Word, allowing us to be lead by His Spirit. Those pop-up scriptures on the pages are great! Thank you and blessings to all your staff." -Tim

"many thanks dear bible.org, i wish to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude about your wonderful website. i've been visiting, reading and downloading articles from this site and it brought upon me tremendous blessings. it is at the level of my own spirituality and growth in love and knowledge in the Lord. I am from the philipines and a member of the local baptist church here in my town 300 kilometers south of the capital. as a college professor (a state college in the capital of my province) i am dismayed by the common concern that we seem to leave our brains outside the church and i came to the point and painful admission that christianity is really ant-intellectual. guess i have to live with that since i love the Lord so much and i will never forsake my faith in our Lord just because of my academic needs and proclivities. it all changed when i stumbled upon your website. christianity can also be reasonable and appealing to serious students who were trained to think deeply. (i'm not claiming i am one but my educational training compels me to do so.) i rarely find intellectual rigor in churches today and am so thankful to God for this site that my thirst for logical presentation of the scripture was satisfied. i'm praying that many more souls will be blessed by your ministry and may the dear Lord bless you more." -Richard

"Just a note to say thank you for making your material available to all of the e-Sword community.  I have used the Net Bible for some time and hoped for great conservative material like Bible.Org would be posted. Thanks again for your God honoring work." -Carl