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Advertisement Policy only accepts advertising from Christian Ad Services. All Advertising is clearly marked as such. As much as we review and approve the advertisers prior to their involvement on our site, we do not always support their point of view or the products that they provide. In a world that believes there is no such thing as a free lunch, is making it possible for millions to feast on spiritual meat, for free, including the only modern Bible ever to be published online for free before it was available in print. The demand for the NET Bible and trustworthy Bible Study resources is increasing rapidly. This demand is growing more than 40% a year.
In a world where people are watching what they spend, Donations and sales are not as forthcoming as they used to be. In order to keep the lights on, had to augment its income with family friendly advertisers. So we have adopted the broadcast radio and Tv model for the current time frame. We will reevaluate our ad policy when donations and sales are sufficient to meet the expenses of delivering the NET Bible and trusted biblical content to the world for free

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