Proverbs 2

Benefits of Seeking Wisdom1

2:1 My child,2 if3 you receive my words,

and store up4 my commands within you,

2:2 by making5 your ear6 attentive to wisdom,

and7 by turning8 your heart9 to understanding,

2:3 indeed, if10 you call out for11 discernment12

raise your voice13 for understanding –

2:4 if14 you seek15 it like silver,16

and search for it17 like hidden treasure,

2:5 then you will understand18 how to fear the Lord,19

and you will discover20 knowledge21 about God.22

2:6 For23 the Lord gives24 wisdom,

and from his mouth25 comes26 knowledge and understanding.

2:7 He stores up27 effective counsel28 for the upright,29

and is like30 a shield31 for those who live32 with integrity,33

2:8 to guard34 the paths of the righteous35

and to protect36 the way of his pious ones.37

2:9 Then you will understand38 righteousness and justice

and equity – every39 good40 way.41

2:10 For wisdom will enter your heart,42

and moral knowledge43 will be attractive44 to you.45

2:11 Discretion46 will protect you,47

understanding will guard you,

2:12 to deliver48 you from the way of the wicked,49

from those50 speaking perversity,51

2:13 who leave52 the upright53 paths

to walk on the dark54 ways,

2:14 who delight55 in doing56 evil,57

they rejoice in perverse evil;58

2:15 whose paths59 are morally crooked,60

and who are devious61 in their ways;

2:16 to deliver you62 from the adulteress,63

from the sexually loose woman64 who speaks flattering65 words;66

2:17 who leaves67 the husband68 from her younger days,69

and forgets her marriage covenant70 made before God.71

2:18 For her house72 sinks73 down to death,

and her paths lead74 to the place of the departed spirits.75

2:19 None who go in to her will return,76

nor will they reach the paths of life.77

2:20 So78 you will walk in the way of good people,79

and will keep on the paths of the righteous.80

2:21 For the upright will reside in the land,

and those with integrity81 will remain in it,

2:22 but the wicked82 will be removed83 from the land,

and the treacherous84 will be torn away85 from it.

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